emco electric scooters are particularly suitable for scooter sharing

E-scooter sharing
as a future model.

Whether cars, apartments or tools: every fifth German has used sharing platforms before. Sharing economy as a concept for the future. Especially in cities, e-scooter-sharing has the potential to change entire branches of the economy sustainably. Between 2016 and 2017, the number of sharing scooters worldwide almost quadrupled. 92 % of these scooters are electric scooters. 76 % of these are on the road in Germany, France and Spain. 95 % are rented out via free-float sharing.

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  • Consulting competence and experience in the development of sharing systems
  • Strong partner companies for e.g. app development
  • Comprehensive equipment for sharing providers
  • Long-term, reliable service for maintenance and spare parts
  • Individual branding of the electric scooters, e.g. with the logo of the city

Your way to e-mobility with emco. To support cities in the development of e-mobility concepts with electric scooters, we clarify all important points together in the consulting process:

Two sharing options for electric scooters:

Sharing technique,
that works.

As a sharing provider, you can simply bill to the nearest kilometre or minute. The software automates the controlling of battery levels. Empty batteries are identified at an early stage. This enables you to replace batteries in good time. For sharing fleets, optimised routes for battery replacement are automatically offered.

The range of functions can be flexibly extended in coordination with the software provider.

The retro electric scooter NOVA Sharing can be controlled via mobile app. It can be keylessly opened and locked by the sharing user.


Station-bound sharing -
for public and private providers, who value
high levels of customer service.

Advantages of Station-Based Sharing:

  • Advice from the station staff
  • Fixed starting point at central locations
  • High acceptance by customers of classic sharing providers
  • Central charging at the station
  • Flat-rate or kilometre-accurate billing
  • emco solution models for efficient maintenance and billing

Electric scooters are an experience. Quiet and yet fast. At my station the scooter is always perfectly charged. Questions are answered directly.

Andreas Vielhauer, citizen

At the station-bound sharing, electric scooters are available at one or more stations in your city or region. As with classic car rental companies, reservations can be made by app, online or by telephone. As a provider, you retain full control over the sharing fleet. You can check the condition of the e-scooter after each rental and check it out. The e-scooters can be recharged directly on site or the lithium-ion double battery can be exchanged. Thus a scooter like the robust NOVA sharing with 3000 Watt is directly ready for a new rental. There is no need to retrieve scooters that are completely empty, for example. With an app on the smartphone, driving distances can be recorded for kilometre-accurate billing.

emco Elektroroller offers different concepts and solution models how you as a provider of a station-bound sharing fleet can efficiently carry out billing and maintenance work. In addition, suppliers benefit from emco's wealth of experience gained from many years of development in the sharing sector.

Free-floating sharing:
Lend and return all over the city.

Advantages of free-floating sharing:

  • Great flexibility for the user
  • No site analysis required
  • High acceptance, because scooters are available all over the country
  • No charging infrastructure required
  • Billing per kilometre or minute
  • emco solution models for efficient maintenance and billing.

I wouldn't have thought that - how easy it is. A real driving pleasure and you discover the city in a whole new way.

Mike Tomatzek, citizen

In free-floating sharing, there are fixed business areas within which the electric scooters can be used and switched off flexibly. An app shows where free electric scooters are located. The app also serves to activate the scooters and the helmet boxes and to record driving times and distances.

emco Elektroroller also offers various concepts for free-floating how providers of this sharing system can effectively set up and deploy their fleets. As a full-service partner, emco accompanies you through the individual processes - right from the start and supports you even after completion.

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In these cities and districts, mobility concepts with emco electric scooters have set a lot in motion.