E-Mobility with escooters in Emsland

On May 1, 2018 our first e-scooter sharing project, as a joint project of the cities of Meppen and Lingen in Emsland, started. There is great interest in this free-floating system for e-scooters and we look forward to working with other cities and municipalities in the near future as well.

MIKRO LÜHN, Manager share2move

Successfully roll out e-mobility in rural areas.

Innovative and absolutely ecological: e-mobility in an urban environment is certainly worthwhile. Conserving nature anywhere and protecting the strengths of the countryside and in suburban areas is just as necessary. That is why initiatives for e-mobility in areas such as the Emsland are now being rolled out.

The "Share2move" project makes this possible. Since May 2018 emco e-scooters have been in use in Meppen and Lingen (DLD).