Barcelona counts on scooter Sharing with emco

It's fun. The e-scooters are fast and clean. They relieve the environment. We think that's good. By cars and conventional (gasoline) scooters there is more than enough pollution - not to mention the attack on your health and the unpleasant odor. If everyone were electrically mobile, our city would become even more beautiful. We want to deliver our share and drive on e-scoorters out of conviction.

WILLIAM UND MAITE, Yego customers

The new form of environmentally friendly passenger transport.

YEGO - an innovative sharing service in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia: e-mobility as a business model, this is how sharing company YEGO works. The emco e-scooters are rented per minute. In addition, there is a basic price per trip. YEGO's customers appreciate the benefits of escooters compared to conventional (gasoline) scooters. They are quiet, fast and very comfortable. Moreover, e-scooters preserve the environment.

As a private company, YEGO therefore makes an important contribution to sustainable mobility in the urban environment of the lively city of Barcelona.