Electric scooter 45km/h from emco

Battery operated scooters as a supplement to e-bikes and electric cars

Electric scooters combine the advantages of e-bikes and electric cars. Battery powered scooters cause hardly any operating costs: less than 1 euro per 100 km.

Flexible, emission-free mobility without timetables, traffic jams and searching for a parking space. Just like cycling. Fast on the road with passenger and luggage.

Battery powered scooters from emco are high-quality and versatile

emco offers rechargable scooter models with ranges from 50 to 130 km and top speeds from 25 to 45 km/h. 

You can choose between Retro electric scooters and classic electric scooters and thus create a variety of application possibilities in company fleets or in sharing.

emco E-Rollers are available in modern colours such as mint, red, black, white and grey. Individual colours and brandings are available for sharing scooters and fleets.

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Cost-effective, flexible and
environmentally conscious.

Fast and cost-effective on the road - emco electric scooters
as delivery, sharing and operating vehicles.

emco electric scooter advantages:

  • exemplary environmental protection
  • Ready to drive at any time due to exchangeable battery
  • Use in noise-sensitive areas
  • easy internal booking and administration
  • Speeds up to 45 km/h
  • Save operating costs
  • up to 130 km range
  • environmental corporate image

The electric scooters from emco offer exactly the range of functions we need for sharing applications. Top workmanship, no more and no less.

Yoshi Kitagawa, station manager.

emco electric scooters for all needs: emco electric scooters combine aesthetics with state-of-the-art technology. Our electric scooters are extremely quiet and therefore ready for use around the clock. The powerful battery can be replaced at any time and recharged anywhere.

Save on operating costs: The electric drive means that you, your employees and your customers are environmentally conscious when travelling with electric scooters - without fuel costs. Time is also money: With speeds of up to 45 km/h through city traffic - without being stuck in traffic jams for hours. Thanks to their powerful battery power, emco electric scooters are also equipped for longer use of up to 130 km.