E-scooter: Speed, Ranges and Technology

Speed, Ranges and

How fast do electric scooters go?

The emco electric scooters drive between 25 km / h (with moped kit) and 45 km / h. The range with a double battery is 130 km.

What does power or watt mean?

The more power / watt is available, the faster you get ahead. Even driving in mountainous areas is driven by more power.
The driving dynamics and performance of our electric scooters are determined by the combination of all technical emco components such as battery, controller and motor.

What is the range of
an electric scooter?

Electric scooter with a short range? Not at emco. The capacity of lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles is steadily improving at our R & D center. With a battery you come to the 60 kilometers; with two, you drive as much as 130 kilometers - depending on rider weight, circumstances, etc.

What are typical locking
parts and what do the
spare parts cost?

Unlike a combustor, an electric scooter does not have typical wear parts. Basically, everything that rotates and moves can wear out. The batteries and electronic components of emco electric scooters are very durable. The prerequisite is that all components are used correctly. Depending on the load of the electric scooter many different factors influence the wear. Compared to a combustor, maintenance costs are very low.

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