Electric scooter in winter

Electric scooter in winter

Electric scooter
in winter:
warm load,
cold ride!

With practical tips without starting problems with the electric scooter through the winter - here is the checklist:

  • put on winter tires (also compulsory for two-wheelers)
  • Check tire tread and pressure, light, horn, brakes
  • Observe the battery principle: warm charge, cold run
  • Do not store battery below 15 degrees minus (viscosity of electrolytes too high)
  • store unused battery in a cool place in winter (for example basement)
  • Do not leave the battery untouched for months. Learn more about battery maintenance.
  • Protect the scooter from wet (best placed in a carport or garage)
  • Drive carefully and adjust the driving style to the weather conditions
  • Clean scooter with salt water using a cloth and a cloth / sponge.

This can additionally help:

  • Protect chrome parts with commercial preservative spray
  • install windscreen (available from emco as an accessory)
  • Driving at cryogenic temperatures well below zero is possible. But then observe the principle: warm charge - cold ride (best to charge at low temperatures, because the ion flow is otherwise too slow.) Driving does not matter to the scooter in freezing temperatures s.o.)

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