emco delivery scooters for pizza delivery
Lieferroller/Lieferscooter von emco. Perfekt für Pizza, Nudeln, Sushi uvm.
Information about the electric scooter emco novi classic

Product data sheet NOVI delivery:
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Food delivery scooters.
Cheap and fast.

emco scooters are particularly inexpensive in fleet use for delivery services: no annoying refueling breaks, the battery can be changed easily and everywhere. Since they drive almost noiselessly, the scooters are also welcome in quiet areas. In addition, the zero emissions support an ecological corporate image and the easy handling makes them drivable for everyone.

Advantages for delivery services:

  • No time-consuming filling station stops
  • Range up to 130 kilometers
  • Less than 1 Euro per 100 kilometres
  • Robust and individually branded transport box
  • Low maintenance and servicing costs
  • All-weather tyres for continuous use
  • Green corporate image.

emco electric scooters are particularly inexpensive when supplied. As they are ready for use around the clock and time-consuming tank breaks are no longer necessary, numerous delivery services and factory operations rely on the reliable electric scooters from emco. Supplemented with practical transport boxes, the strengths of the delivery scooters for pizza services, pharmacies, florists and craftsmen, for example, come into their own.

Delivery scooter NOVI

Manoeuvrable and reliable transport

Always at your service: The NOVI delivery. Supplemented with practical transport boxes, the NOVI with 1500 Watt delivers just about everything you need to get from A to B quickly and without detours.

The NOVI delivery combines power, agility and cost efficiency. With speeds of up to 45 km/h and ranges of up to 130 kilometres, you deliver will be in time, even in dense city traffic. The dual lithium-ion battery provides a silent drive for pizza deliveries. This enables you to deliver even in sensitive areas without noise pollution and save considerable operating costs, as high bills for maintenance and repair work are no longer required. In addition, the robust double batteries can be recharged at any 230-volt household socket. The NOVI delivery comes with 14-inch all-weather tyres and optional windshield - 24/7 for punctual deliveries all year round.

With dimensions of 515 x 510 x 590 mm (LxWxH) and a 10 mm thick all-round cushion, the rear loader transport boxes offer sufficient space for pizzas, medicines and other items. The transport boxes are equipped with a lock, a hold-open strap, a device for a padlock, two hinges and a grip strap on the lid.

The NOVI delivery in classic design and the robust transport boxes can be designed with any logo and colour of your company. Rely on environmentally friendly e-mobility and stand out in the process.

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