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Elektroroller von emco
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emco moves.

emco is Germany's largest supplier of electric scooters.

As partners, we support cities and municipalities on their way to electromobility.

Since 2011 we have been producing electric scooters for sharing companies, fleets and delivery services. Emission-free e-scooters with the advantages of e-bikes and electric cars. Our electric scooters create quickly visible mobility as sharing scooters. Divided electric mobility for the need for individual transport.

Join us in launching sharing offers that create freedom of movement and enliven inner cities. Attractive for tourists and good for their green image.

emco moves - you and your city.

Concepts for sustainable mobility.

emco has been contributing to the expansion of electric mobility in Germany for many years. The company based in Lingen/Ems, Lower Saxony, offers electric moped scooters with ranges of 50 to 130 km and top speeds of 25 to 45 km/h. The company's products are designed for use in the automotive industry. Retro electric scooters and Classic electric scooters are the product lines. Their technical features guarantee a wide variety of applications in company fleets or in the sharing sector.

German quality.

As a subsidiary of the emco Group in Lingen, emco electroroller GmbH has a strong industrial company behind it. Therefore, own production and continuous innovative further developments of the emco technology components are possible: Lithium-ion double battery, controller and motor are emco-own developments. This ensures that emco electric scooters meet the highest quality standards. Sustainability made in Germany.

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The three emco technology components

The decisive components of an electric scooter are the battery with lithium-ion battery, the smartphone compatible controller and the powerful motor. As a result, electric scooters are low-maintenance and drive for less than 1 euro per 100 kilometres.

emco develops these important technical components and optimally coordinates them with each other.

For particularly powerful electric moped scooters. With the dual lithium-ion battery, our electric scooters are ready to go around the clock.

The engine enables emission-free and quiet driving in sensitive areas.

Electric moped scooters
move cities.

emco supports cities, municipalities and companies on their way to flexible, economical and future-oriented mobility.

With city electric scooters that drive ahead technically. Through advice that transports experience and a high-performance service that provides the drive.

What moves you? Take the step into electromobility with emco.

Experience and
competence for
B2B customers.

emco electric scooter GmbH has been a pioneer in the field of electromobility since 2011.

Numerous sharing operators, fleet managers and delivery services rely on our products, experience and our service.